Brahmo Samaj & Arya Samaj.

    What is the difference between Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj?
    Did R. Mohan Roy agree with Sw. Dayanand?
    The Arya Samaj has been developing a typical religious practise  celebration of the sankaars etc. What's the PRACTISE of Brahmos in

Brahmo Samaj & Arya Samaj.

    Arya Samaj propounds the Vedas as "divine authority" and advocates going "Back to the Vedas"

    Brahmo Samaj denies that the Vedas are "divine authority" and advocates going "Forward from the Vedas"

    One Samaj is "backward"/retrograde the other is "forward"/(infinitely) progressive.

    Ram Mohan Roy passed away (1833) when Dayanand (b.1824) was only 9 years old. Dayanand was, however, greatly influenced by successor Adi Brahmo Samaj leaders such as Debendranath Tagore, Hemendranath Tagore and Nobin Chunder Roy. During the 1880's the Adi Dharm and Arya Samaj worked closely together in Punjab and in founding the Indian National Congress party. Dayanand, however, had major doctrinal differences with Keshab's Brahmo Samaj of India and its Vaishno-Christian (Christ =  Krishna) confection.



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